The New York Botanical Garden Is Offering Online Classes

The New York Botanical Garden Is Offering Online Classes


The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) is currently closed due to coronavirus. But now you can enjoy all events and unique program of the Botanical Garden at home. This is an opportunity to learn gardening skill at home.

The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) announce about the online classes on 7th April. And they expanded the list of online classes.

Online Classes:

Anyone can take these online classes of botanical garden on the zoom. This is not ended; through these classes you can level up your gardening skills. And also learn about how to draw, paint, and do craft.

These classes include sessions with Horticultural Therapist on How to manage stress by using nature. That could be essential during such difficult time of coronavirus pandemic. It is possibly you may be looking for a way to pass time and learn new skill or improve existing skills.

So NYBG has classes on basic gardening, growing a “victory garden,” growing tomatoes, small gardening, rooftop gardening and vegetable growing at home.

Non Horticulture Courses:

A lot of people may don’t have access to a place to grow vegetables, fruit, or other plant to do gardening. And we mentioned above that, it’s not only about horticulture. You can find classes about how to draw, paint, and craft such as watercolor painting, spring tulip, watercolor, floral embroidery, recognizing bird songs, identifying flowers, and floral design.

Online Courses Cost:

These classes are paid classes which cost range could be, according to the length and intensity of the instruction. For example, Horticultural therapy classes cost 55$ for non-members. And vegetable gardening classes cost 289$ for non-members. If you are a member New York Botanical Garden, then you receive discounts for that courses

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You can find a list of New York Botanical Gardens online classes and courses on NYBG at home website. And to get more information and how to registration for classes. Then visits the NYBG Adult Education page on its website.

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