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Effective Management for Date Palm

The date palm is defenseless to several damaging pests and diseases.  # Management for Date Palm How to preventing pests and diseases 1. Reducing humidity in the groves helps prevent disease. 2. Trimming and weeding reduce humidity. 3. Trimming and...

How to promote weaver ants
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How to Promote Weaver Ants in Orchard

Ants are farmer friends and farmers cannot easily see or control insect pests in tall trees. They protect the fruit from fruit flies and other insects continuously. # Promote weaver ants // Weaver ants live in large families: Weaver ants...

How to control whitefly
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How to Control Whitefly

Whitefly attack on various crops such as tomatoes, beans, cassava, cotton, cucurbits, potatoes, sweet potatoes. Whitefly also spread the virus disease in crops. It carry virus from one plant to another and cause whole crop with disease. In summar months...