Smart Agriculture Farming 2020
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Smart Agriculture Farming 2020

When you see the word of “Smart Farming” in the above title you may be thinking that what is smart farming?

So smart farming is a concept or relates to farming management. Which use modern technology to increase the quality and quantity of agriculture products.

These Modern technologies include;

sensor technologies which are soil scanning, water, light, humidity, temperature. And other includes software applications, communication technology like cellular or GPS, Hardware’s & Software which enable IoT solution, automation and data analytical.

These above technologies suggest by the Beecham Research.

With using above technologies farmer or grower can monitors crop situation without going to field and he can make decision about crop.

You may be the hear word of IoT in smart farming, do you know what it means?

It called the internet of things (IoT). It is a driven force for smart farming, which can connect smart machines. And sensor of farms to process driven data.

IoT cycle:

First install IoT device on farm and it will collect data and process data in a repeated cycle. And it allows farmers to react quickly issues and change relates to the field.

  1. Observation: sensor which are installed in field that record observation data from field
  2. Diagnostics: this will observe through software which provide us the data of deficiencies and needs.
  3. Decisions: after receiving all data software will look for specific treatment or need which beneficial to crop.
  4. Implementation: the treatment or need of a crop will be performed through machines
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IoT in agriculture:

IoT in Agriculture include two things which are precision farming and farming automation/robotization.

Precision Farming

It is an umbrella for IoT that makes farming accurate and more controlled, and precision farming also call precision agriculture.

Through this plant can get precisely the treatment they need to grow. Farmer also can boost the effectiveness of pesticide and fertilizer in the field.

Smart Greenhouses:

Normal or Traditional greenhouses only control environment through manual procedures or it also increases labor cost.

But a smart greenhouse which driven by IoT that monitor intelligently and also control the environment.

And through this it also eliminates manual intervention.

There different sensor used in smart greenhouses which measure the plant requirement as well as environmental parameters.

And it stores in cloud further processing.


Drones are very important in smart agriculture farming, drones can monitor whole field which include crop health monitoring, irrigation, and spraying.

Through that we can collect all type of data imaginary which helps us to make decision for crops. And we can improve productivity of crop.

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