Sindh Minister Said That Locust Might More Dangerous than COVID-19

Sindh Minister Said That Locust Might More Dangerous than COVID-19

The Sindh Minister of Agriculture Ismail Rahoo said. That locust entered into the Balochistan and Sindh Province from neighbor country’s Iran and India.

It might be more dangerous than Coronavirus.

Sindh goverment has taken the decision to protest against the federal goverment on locust matter. Reported by local media.

He further added that sindh government has been telling the centre regarding the locust attack.

But no results come yet regarding locust attack.

The Sindh Minister of Agriculture added that rural population of the country depends on agriculture.

And if locust are not dealt, then 60% of rural population will be affected by the locust attack.

And it will give huge loss to economy of Pakistan.

Previously, conducted a high level meeting on coming locust by Sindh goverment.

That locust could enter Sindh the by 15th of May from Iran. They review the locust situation in the province.

They also make some decision to deal with locust attack, and to minimize losses by the insect.

The meeting of Plant Protection department informed that.

There are 30 spots have been identified in Sindh province where camps would established to face the issue of locust attack.

Some 57 teams comprising 180 personnel are formed to face that critical issue of locust attack.

Source: RS News

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