Role of Tree Plantation to Decrease Global Warming

Nowadays worldwide every organism facing environmental problems. Increase global warming, ozone depletion, reduce oxygen, unclean the soil, increase noise pollution, increase soil erosion and decrease shade and cool are current issues of our environment, which happened no tree plantation, that’s why we are going to disaster.

Tree plantation are the natural source of our environment, which decrease global warming, clean the soil, produce oxygen, control noise pollution, act as windbreakers, fight soil erosion. These are also beneficial for us because trees give us oxygen which is necessary for survives, decrease temperature and provide healthy effect.

Land of Pakistan consists 3% forestry, which are rapidly decreased because of increasing population. Cutting down trees is resulting in worldwide warming.

Many peoples are cutting down the trees to utilize wood as a fuel to cooking purpose.

Some people economically depend upon trees to live their life.

Selection of tree plantation

Selection of trees to be planted, in concern to the nature of land and climate. Cocoanut trees grow well in the sea-coast, as well as some trees grow well near to ponds and some grow well around the cultivated area. Firstly, to get knowledge about trees and their habit. We have to know that which place is fit for which tree or not. We should must to conduct soil tested by experts and kinds of trees for plantation. Collection of plants from the Government nurseries.

Time of tree plantation

Generally, most of the tree plantation grow well in rainy season. Rainy season is best for growing trees so that we should get advised from Governmental agricultural specialists for suitable time of plantation.

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Trees should be cultivated regularly and to save for human being and the animal world, we should cultivate trees in near our school, college and university compounds, in the front-yards, backyards, side-yards and near our houses, roads and in other places wherever can be tree planted. They should explain of our farmer community and encourage them to grow plant and care new trees. Trees a major part of the climate change it help to decline global temperature, moreover temperature decline it can helpful to sustain glacier it can a huge source of water, trees provided oxygen, Oxygen protect all living biodiversity, protect ozone layers, Farmers motivated through training and implemented to cultivate trees to save the environments as well Biodiversity

Nadeem Hussain
the authorNadeem Hussain
M.Sc (Hons) Plant Breeding & Genetics and Working as Field Faclitator in CAB International


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