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Proper Harvesting of Maize Crop

When one follows the various steps involved in maize production and good practices during and after harvest. Then growing maize is a profitable activity.

Selecting the right time to harvest:

  1. Maize is ready to be harvested when the stalk and leaves of the maize plant turn completely yellow and the hair on the tip of maize ear starts to fall.
  2. The grains should be shiny, yellowish and bright.
  3. If the grain is hard and you do not dent it when you press it with your fingernail, then your maize is fully ripe and should be harvested without further delay. 
  4. If harvest is not done in time, insects like weevils will attack the grain, some maize plants will fall down and termites will eat them.

Proper harvest:

  1. Harvest when your maize is fully ripe.
  2. Empty and clean the inside of the granaries but also the surroundings. Clean your harvesting tools, such as basins, tarpaulins and bags as well as the drying area.
  3. Timely invite some of your neighbours or members of the association to help you with the harvest.
  4. If you grow several varieties of maize in your field, harvest first the improved varieties because they are less resistant to attacks compared to local varieties.
  5. Dehusk your maize directly in the field to avoid bringing home maize husks infected by pests.
  6. Put aside those maize ears that have been attacked or are mouldy, and burn them.
  7. Sort the cobs again at home to make sure the maize you want to store is healthy.
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