Pakistan's Honey Production Rises by 70%

Pakistan’s Honey Production Rises by 70%

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Honey bees have an important role in the environment, it provides honey and it also helps plants to pollinate. 


It is not just bees we should thanks but we also should thanks to trees, which increase the population of bees.

There are a lot of countries, who is the biggest honey producer in the world like USA, Turkey and China. They produce approximately 7,500 metric tons annually. But Pakistan may not be the biggest producer of honey in the world.


It is a vital income for farmer when it comes famed beri honey. Because it mostly sold in abroad.

Source of Beri Honey:

The major source of Beri honey is come from Beri tree which also known as Ziziphus Mauritania. Bees collect the nectar from mountain areas where they find beri trees and then it travels to harvester because harvester gathered the sweet stuff to attract bees.

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Last Year Losses:

A beri honey harvester said earlier this year that “My income is at a dead end and the loss is irreparable. It has become very hard for us to provide food to our children” he told to the

The country face huge lost of beri forest due to excessive rainfall. It washes away the blooms of the beri trees which was trouble for honey production and also forest development.


This Year Surge in Honey Production:

This year reported that honey production increase up to 70 percent and its bumper harvest and it happens due to nature’s hero and that is a trees.

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Trees are Good for Bees:

In 2014, Prime Minister Imran Khan take a step to prevent from climatic change in Pakistan. The project includes Billion Trees Tsunami which cost around $169 million.


The country hit the target by scheduling planting or regenerating trees on 350,000 hectares of land in 3 years and pledge to plant 10 billion trees within 5 years  according to the World Economic Forum.

Planting of trees create a favorable environment for bees.

Tree flowers provide forage to bees, not only trees with flower, but even trees without flowers offer benefits to bees and it is writes by Hilary Kearny for Keeping Backyard Bees.

Trees have a lot of benefits for all living creatures. Trees provide the service of air cleaning by reduce carbon dioxide from the environment.

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