New Technology in Modern Farming
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New Technology in Modern Farming

Agricultural technology is developing day by day since 1940s, when Frank Andrew setup a driverless tractor with a cable winding around it, and he was as farmer that time. After that John Deere’s made GPS tractor guidance system in 2008.

But now days we have lot technology for agriculture to harvest crops through machine and monitoring through drones, soil sensors, etc.


Walk through the whole field for observation of crop health, its sound like little difficult but now days, advanced farmers are using the drones to monitor the crop. The imaging of drones is able to observe physical damage and temperature issues of the crop. Drone can cover a huge number of acre than humans. Farmer also use drones to spraying crop with nutrients and pesticide.

Here is the video of the drones, watch it.


We monitor the field through using drones, but this is not only the automated machines which use in digital farming. You may see in every day’s life that farmers driving tractors to prepare land, but if we get driverless tractors for the field then the farmer may get some relief for rest. So driverless tractors available which have both feature auto or manual control, with human cabs still integrated.

Let watch the video of the model which is developed by Case IH.

Soil Sensors:

What soil sensors? A soil sensor is a low cost machine which track the moisture and nutrients of the soil. In the old day farmers had to observe visually about crop stress and moisture, that was difficult if he has thousands of acres. But thanks, new technology now you can track this by embedding the device of the soil sensor in the soil. The farmer will be identified a risk before showing the signs on crop

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Hydroponic Farming:

Hydroponic? You may be heard this word if you related to agriculture, in hydroponic we grow plant without soil. You can build hydroponic farm indoor as well as in outdoor and it uses less water. Hydroponic farming can save 95 percent of water using hydroponic farming.

Watch the video understand more about hydroponic farming.

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