Top 14 Mistakes Only New Gardeners Makes When They Start

Doing gardening for the first, may create some problems and troubles for you, if you don’t experience it before. And if you researched well and prepared for gardening then it won’t make any problems for you.

So, we come with 14 mistakes that every new Gardener does in his initial stage. So, let it know and avoid from that mistakes.

1. Too Many Plants in Starting:

Sowing too many seeds create problem for you while gardening. So i recommend you to start with by plant your 2-3 seed and let wait. Give some time to germinate and keep a visiting garden, if the need of sowing more seed than do, otherwise not. 

2. Brought accidentally the dying plant nursery:

New gardeners may do these types of mistake like buying dying plant accidentally instead of healthy plant. So, make sure before and check the signs of sickness in plant like wilted leaves and brown spots. And I will suggest here to start a garden with seed instead of buying plant and end up with disappointed.

3. Soil preparation:

Soil preparation is most important for gardening. Hand will go dirty but you have to prepare you soil by adding manure or compost. And make your garden plant-friendly.

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4. Plant Tags:

Don’t through the tags of plant before checking important information which maybe sun requirement and watering and blooming season, etc. You can make gardening sheet from plant tags

5.  Planting in Out of Season:

We already discuss tags in the above paragraph, through that you can know about the season of flower which can be summer or winter. If its summer then don’t grow in winter. And if it winters then don’t grow in summer.

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6. Plant Need Sunlight or Shade:

Remember that the amount of sunlight is differed for each plant species to species.

And different plant has different need of sunlight, some grow best in shade and some in sunlight. You can know these type things from tags.

7. Water your Plants:

If you go to start gardening or you maybe just started then you may be facing a problem about how much water should be given to plant or how often to water your plant in your gardens. No worry, there are lot plant encyclopedias that will help you about that. They filled with lot of knowledge which are necessary. If you need plants that go without water for full week then grow air plants. You can grow canna lily which prefer standing water.

8. Water the Top Instead of Roots:

Do you know where to water plants? It not much tricky but only need to reach to the root of plants. The focus should be root while watering. Over watering can result deadly plant, so make sure watering given as much as need to plant.

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9. Feed Your Plant Properly:

There is not only watering to plant but you should focus on feeding of plant. For that you need to add compost to your plant for healthy growth and it feed to the plant and it is full of nutrients.

10. Check Plant Region:

Let do research about plant before planting because it maybe invasive to your region. If you buy plant from local nurseries that no worry about that. But if you buy seed from online market then make sure before buying. And let do some research for that plant.

11. Avoid planting Your Seed closely:

Give some space to plant to grow healthy and let them spread their roots. If you plant you seed too close then it creates trouble for plant roots to spread. The same above point comes here and check the tag of a plant to know the space of a plant to plant and row to row. It helps babies’ plant to grow healthy.

12. Don’t get Rid of the Wrong Pests:

There are lot pests you can found in gardens. Whereas some are good and some are bad for plants. Like earthworms are beneficial for gardens, it digs the soil make holes which help to water to sink through which is exactly what we want. And snails are also making your plant happy.

13. Dead Blooms:

Don’t cut the dead blooms from the plant because dead blooms redirect energy to the living flower of the plant. And also, avoid over pruning which lead to weak steam. So, follow these things to make you plant healthy.

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14. Weeds in Gardening:

You should know that how weeds look like because some weeds helps gardens to protect soil health, weed like dandelions and white clover help gardens. So, digging up of weeds maybe the worst part.

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