Desert Locust

Iran warns against desert locust attack

As we know attack of locust swarm has been started in Sindh Province. Whereas Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Sayed Mohammad Ali Hosseini droped comment on the desert locust attack.

He said emergence of new challenges like climate change, COVID 19, Pollution and locust.Locust insect need timely and collectively response.

Ambassador of Iran further said that, locust threatens the food chain for million of people in Iran as well as in Pakistan.

Due to warm and wet winter, it create favorable environment for desert locust insect.

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And because of that, desert locust will be much more and it is a major risk for the region.

It will also make food crisis in country.He further said that, Iran and Pakistan need more cooperation to prevent this disaster.

Because it was predicted that the locust insect may swarm both countries in the worst desert locust insect outbreak in the last 50 years.

To prevent from such horrible attack locust insect. Which can damage or destory the thousand hectares of agricultural lands.

And spreading pesticide which helps to prevent that type of locust attact.

And countering locust swarm before breeding.

Both countries will enhance cooperation with FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and benefits from its experiences.

The PPO (Plant Protection Organization) of Iran has been reporting situarion to the Food and Agriculture Organziation about the fight against the desert locust on daily basis.

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Both countries should enhance the cooperation to tackle the situation.

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Pakistan and Iran cooperating closely to enhance the connection between the related focal by Misistries of Foreign Affairs of both countries.

Both countries, Pakistan and Iran proved that they can overcome their common difficulties during the history.

They make it happen with joint effort of both countries.

Ambassador of Iran further said that. sanction against Iran have reduced resources that were supposed to be allocated to desert locust problem.

If the locust won’t be able to control by Iran. Then Pakistan will also get damaged by the locust insect.

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