Rose Cutting Guide: How to Take a Rose Cutting

Rose Cutting Guide // The cuttings can be taken from any type of rose bush, as long as they are strong, healthy and from this season’s growth. The good time to take a cutting is in early summer or spring. Some things to remember before you begin include:

# Rose Cutting Guide //

  1. Choose stems that are long and healthy.
  2. Always wears gardening gloves and get your hands on some well-made secateurs.
  3. You will need a bucket of water to keep the cuttings fresh in between cutting and planting.

How to grow roses from cuttings

  1. To plant them in a garden, first choose a sunny spot.
  2. You want the area to have bright, direct light.
  3. You can also plant them indoors or on a balcony, too.
  4. Next, find the rose stem you want and cut it at a 45-degree angle.
  5. Try to ensure your cuttings are around 25cm long.
  6. Leave one leaf at the top, but remove the leaves further down the stem.
  7. You can also soak the root in a rooting hormone, although this isn’t necessary.
  8. Place the roots in a bucket of shallow water whilst you are preparing the soil.
  9. Once you have taken the cutting, it’s time to prepare the soil in your pot or container. 
  10. Place the root into at least six inches of soil.
  11. Gently place soil around the root so that it cannot fall over.
  12. Water the soil well so that it remains moist.
  13. Keep an eye on the rose cutting over the coming days. 
  14. As soon as the roots have begun to form, you can move your cutting into a larger space outside, if you choose to plant it indoors.
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