How to remove honey from comb
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How to Remove Honey From the Comb

Bees are the pollinater and they help plants in pollination process. But bees also give honey that can be stored for a long time. And Bees honey is a natural, healthy food that is easy to sell to make money.

When to collect and process honey:

  1. In earlier times honey was sold in the comb.
  2. But now customers want honey that is removed from the comb.
  3. Bees make honey during the rainy season, when there are many flowers.
  4. Honey is mature 2 to 3 months after the rains start. 
  5. The best time to collect honey is at sunset, when the bees are less active.
  6. This helps to avoid getting people stung by the bees.

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How to Remove honey from the comb:

  1. Collect only sealed honeycombs.
  2. Sealed combs contain mature honey which has less  water and can be kept for a long time.
  3. Do not harvest unsealed combs, because they have immature honey.
  4. Process the honey as soon as you harvest it, when the combs are still warm and the honey separates more easily.
  5. First, brush the combs to remove any bees. Remove any pieces of unsealed combs.
  6. Remove those parts of combs that have a lot of pollen, because pollen makes cloudy, poor quality honey.
  7. Honey is food and spoils when it gets wet, so buckets and all other equipment should be clean and dry.
  8. After brushing, crush the combs and put them in a bucket with small holes punched in the bottom, so the honey can drip out.
  9. Put the bucket with the honey comb over a larger bucket to collect the dripping honey.
  10. Cover the buckets with a black plastic bag, and tie it to keep the honey warm.
  11. Place the buckets in the sun for at least three hours, depending on the amount of honey and how hot the sun is.
  12. Take the containers back inside to sieve the honey while it is still warm.
  13. Use three sieves to remove all the particles from the honey.
  14. By the time the honey goes through the 3rd sieve, it will be very clean.
  15. Pack the honey immediately.
  16. If left in the open, honey absorbs water from the air and will spoil quickly.
  17. Pack honey in clean, dry glass or plastic bottles, so that the clients can see how good it is.
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How do check maturity of honey?

Honey is mature 2 to 3 months after the rains start.

What is best time to collect honey?

The best time to collect honey is at sunset, when the bees are less active.

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