How to Prune Tomato Plant

How do you know if your tomato needs pruning?

# How to Prune Tomato Plant // Some tomato plants will greatly advantage from pruning, but others tomato will not. First you have to figure out which type of plant you have: determinate or indeterminate before you start to trim. Adrienne R. Roethling, the director of curation. And mission delivery at Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden explains that “Determinate tomatoes produce to a specific size, flower, fruit, and finish well earlier the end of the season,”. “While indeterminate plants continue to grow and continue to flower and set fruit until drop.” According to Roethling indeterminate tomatoes can profit from some pruning, due to how fast they grow. “It’ll support from leaning and from over-fruiting and keep the plants under control.” By determinate tomatoes, and pruning tends to be additional of a personal choice, dependent on how many tomatoes you need or want your plant to grow during the growing season.

# How to Prune Tomato Plant // How do you prune a tomato plant?

First you have to find your plant’s main and secondary stems so that you can reduce the number of secondary stems before you prune, and to know about which are the ones that can source leaning and over-fruiting. Roethling said that “The secondary shoots are just that, you have a core stem, or 3 to 4. what you recommend or consider main stems, and secondary shoots that emerge from the crotch of a leaf stem,”. Leaving the main stem intact must help solve most of the more mutual issues you see with indeterminate tomato plants and removing some of the secondary stems.

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Are you using the right tools? Just make sure. “I choose pruning shears instead of other tools to done the job. if you’re trimming more than one plant. Then wipe your sheers down with alcohol. It prevents from disease to spread.

When should you prune a tomato plant?

# How to Prune Tomato Plant // The great time for pruning tomato is when you are ready to plant it, and according to Plant Gram tropical plant expert and Vicky Popat, CFO; Pinching off the lower leaves of the plant will work as well, when you don’t have pruning shears handy, she said. And also, be sure that you’re planting your tomato good and deep. Continue to eliminate flowers from your tomato plants until they are about 12-eighteen inches tall to confirm an even hardier root system.

Remove any extra leaf growth and branches that do not have any fruit on them to let the plant to focus its energy on the remaining parts, toward the end of the season.

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