How to Propagate Salad Vegetables

How to Propagate Salad Vegetables

If you want to grow vegetables at home and also you can’t get hold off any seed or plants. Then let try propagation to grow vegetables at home.

If you don’t have seed or plants, but you have maybe leftover vegetables or fresh herbs or their stalks. You can start growing with them through propagation. Use leftover stalks to grow your own salad and you can grow your own herbs and spices.

You can also reduce your household waste. It’s a great skill to learn and to teach children.

Let see how to grow vegetables with liftover through propagation.

How to Propagate Salad Vegetables

1. Lettuce:

First of all you need to keep a stalk which normally waste. And gem and romaine both varieties work well in growing. Then place the stalk in a clear container or in a glass. Then put some water and need lot sunlight. So the best place to grow well or work well are; windowsills and balconies.

After that we have to change the water daily and after some days you can see sprouting of the stem. Then the sprout grown and the root begins to show than its planting time.

In planting, popup propagated lettuce into a pot with damp potting soil. Place that pot at plenty of sunlight to get healthy growth of lettuce.


You can easily grow celery by using the same method of lettuce which described above. But in the celery growing method, you have to use a white root of stalk and then place into the water with good sunlight which essential for growing.

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After that change water daily and then the leaves will sprout and then place the plant into the damp soil.

3.Spring onions:

Onion is easy to propagate and it’s very simple to propagate the onion, just keep the roots onion and then cover them in water. It should be in the reach or access-able to the sunlight and also should change water daily.


Herbs propagated from stalks in a similar way to lettuce, which mentioned above. But for some herbs you have to treat little different, and that include root herbs like ginger and garlic.

To propagate the ginger plant, you have to plant it straight into well-watered potting soil. And head of ginger popping out of the soil. And also keep it at approximately 20 degree. And after that when shoots appear, then it is ready to use.

And for garlic propagation, wait for it to begin to sprout before following a similar process.

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