How to prevent blight disease on tomatoes

How to prevent blight disease on tomatoes

# prevent blight disease on tomatoes //

Do you know what is tomato blight? Tomato blight is disease which caused by a fungal infection.
Tomato blight destroy entire crops of tomatoes and potatoes. And it spread in the crop by spores and requires warm weather to flourish.

What are the types of tomato blight?

There are two type of tomato blight, one is early blight and other one is late blight.


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How to prevent blight disease on tomatoes

Tomato Early Blight:

Early blight shows their symptoms after the first fruit appear on tomato plants. The early blight starts by showing brown lesions on the bottom leaves of tomato plant. Then lesions grows and it take the shape like ring, with dry, dead plant tissue in the center.
The early blight disease does not directly affect fruits, the loss of protective foliage can cause damage to fruits due to direct sun exposure. That condition is known as sun scald.

Tomato Late Blight:

Late blight is a serious disease in tomato plant which can affect tomato plants at any point in the growing season of tomato. And it can also affect at any stage of growth. The appearance of symptoms shows at the edge of tomato leaves, and with dark damaged plant tissue. And that will spreads through the leaves toward the stem. Late blight requires humid condition to progresses in plant. It can spread to the fruit, if will not treated.

How to prevent tomato blight disease:

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  1. Do not plant tomatoes in a field where you have just harvested chilies, peppers or potatoes. Because the spores of blight can be still in the soil, which cause blight to tomato plant.
  • If your soil is acidic, and you want to neutralize it. Then neutralize it by adding lime.
  • Before preparing the land, apply organic manure. When the crop is established, then add some more.
  • Grow a tolerant tomato variety to prevent from blight.
  • To prevent from disease, make sure that branches of plants do not touch the soil and if it happens. Then stake your plants.
  • Do proper pruning of tomato plants to let in light and air to keep your tomato plants dry and healthy.
  • Clean your tools with detergent and water or alcohol after pruning. You can also your tools by sterilizing the pruning tools in boiling water.
  • Visit field of tomato everyday, and if you see sick plants, cut of the sick parts of the plant and burn the affected parts.
  • Clean the weeds regularly.
  • Use hand water or drip irrigation.
  • Apply natural fungicide or homemade fungicide, if needed.


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