How to manage tomato leaf curl virus

Leaf Curl Attack on Many Vegetables:

# tomato leaf curl virus // Leaf curl virus not only attack on tomato, but it also attacks on many plants, which named as cauliflower, eggplant, tobacco, and potato. This disease turns new leaves into wrinkled and bushy types, it also shows symptoms that yellow between the veins of leaves, and then it curls upward, like a cup shape. The leaf curl virus drops the flower before fruiting and the plant found patches in the early stage.

Whitefly Spread Leaf Curl Virus:

As we know that leaf curl disease caused by a virus which can be survived in plant, and it can be carried from one plant to another. The insect pest like whitefly carried the disease virus from one plant to another plant, and then the whole crop will be infected.

Manage Leaf Curl Disease:

The only way to prevent from the virus to avoid it, and it cannot kill by any product. There are a many varieties which have resistance against the virus, and you can avoid it by collecting and using seed from healthy plant. Some apply organic matter like farm yard manure to grow healthy plants.

As we above discuss that whitefly spread the leaf curl virus, and to protect plants from whitefly to further spread the disease, you can simply develop the nursery in the net house. You can buy the nets from store, then develop a structure of sticks and poles over the nursery, then cover that frame using the net, but before shading make sure that, there no holes in the net to enter the whitefly. If there is no hole to enter then we can prevent from whitefly attack on the plant.

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To prevent from the attack of whitefly in vegetables, then grow sorghum, pearl millet or maize around the vegetables to prevent from attack. You can also git rid off from whitefly to grow aromatic plants like fennel, coriander, turmeric, and mint. To attract beneficial insect, you can grow marigold or sunflower around your field.

Install approximately 12 yellow sticky traps per hectare, and monitor the attack of a whitefly. If you trap too many whiteflies on yellow sticky traps or found by the observation in a field, then you can make your own spray with ginger, garlic and green chilly to reduce the whitefly’s population in the field. To reduce the population of whitefly in the early stage of the crop, then spray 10 ml neem oil mixed with 1 liter of water.

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