Home Gardening: How to Grow Cucumber

Cucumber is famous vegetable with lot of health benefits. And you can buy cucumber vegetable anywhere in Pakistan, because of its large cultivation in Pakistan.

Cucumber has green color with thin skin, and it mostly used as salads and in sandwiches and also used as juice.

It is also called refreshing vegetable. Cucumber botanical name is Cucumis sativus and belong to Cucurbitaceae family and it is an important summer crop.

Nutrients of Cucumber:

Cucumber has 96.3 percent water and carbohydrate 2.7 percent, protein & mineral 0.4 percent and fat 0.1 percent in the vegetable. It also contains Vitamin B.

How Many Types of Cucumber?

There are two types of this vegetable, one is Vining Cucumber and other is Bush Cucumber.

Vining Cucumber:

This variety have large leaves, and it grow faster than Bush cucumber. Vining cucumber is easier to pick.

Bush Cucumber:

This type cucumber mostly grown at home, and it grow and ripen in six weeks.

How to Grow Cucumber:


It requires temperature is 40 degree Celsius and minimum temperature requirement is 20 degree Celsius.  The best growing temperature for cucumber is 25 to 30 degree Celsius which good for flowering of cucumber crop.

Soil & Land Preparation:

The cucumber can be grown wide range of soil.

But best in sandy loam or loam soil. And PH value should be between 5.5 – 7.

The first plowing for cucumber crop should be done with turning plow.

And then do 3 to 3 plows to make soil brittle.

And after that it should be potted.

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After that field become flat. And then use cow dung which should be 15 to 20 tons and it should be mixed with manure before last plowing

Seed Rate:

2 to 3 kg of seeds per hectare

Time of Sowing

Sowing time for cucumber is from January to March and from June to July.

Sowing Method:

Seed of cucumber of crop should be sown at a depth of 1.5 meters. And Row to Row distance should be 1.5 m to 2.5 m and plant distance should be 60 cm to 90 cm. and Ring and basing method should be preferred.


Do not required irrigation for rainy crop.

Winter Crop: 10 to 25 days

Summer Crop: 5 days


Harvesting of cucumber crop should be done in soft state and It should be done at an interval of 2 to 3 days


The average yield should be from 200 to 350 quintal per hectare.

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