How to Kill the Armyworm
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How To Get Rid Of Fall Armyworm Naturally

Fall armyworms is very serious pest which destroy whole crop. This pest feed on the leaves of many plants and make big holes in it, especially in maize.

Fall armyworm damage to the maize leaves and it looks worse than it is. It recovers most of the damages when the plant grows more.

These damages can be more serious but we have natural enemies of armyworm such as ants, wasps, ladybird beetles which kill the armyworm population in maize field more than its half of population.

But some of the farmers preferred the pesticide spray on crop which also kill the beneficial insect of the field.

Natural Enemies of Armyworm:

Beneficial insect have more reach than chemical spray, such as chemical spray cannot reach into the deep of maize whorl where armyworms caterpillar hides. But beneficial insect like ants kill the armyworms in the maize whorl and it kills even when worms hiding somewhere. Whereas ladybirds’ beetles and earwigs kill the egg of the armyworm, earwigs feed on egg and ladybirds eat the eggs and young armyworms. And birds, bats and spider kill the armyworm adult (moth) which usually present at night and it also kills many different types of harmful insects.

Killing of Armyworm Naturally:

To attract the beneficial insect to reduce armyworms, plant new tree and if already then conserve them and plant wild flowering plant to make place for naturally enemies of armyworm to feed and live there.

Use cooking fat to attract ants which also kill armyworm, spread and through the cooking fat near stalks and on stalk.

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You can also kill armyworm by using hand, destroy eggs of armyworms as well as armyworm insect.

You can use the above method until the plant are six weeks old, when it goes vulnerable then use spray of local mix.

How to Make Spray:

To make this spray use local mix with handful of young tephorisa shoot and handful of wild marigold and also use aloe vera leaves and use handful rip chilies. Then boil in a pot with 6 liters of water and wait for about an hour to boil. And once It cooled down little then sieve it.

Then add a small package of tobacco snuff and then stir it for five minutes.

And to avoid blockage of nozzle of sprayer then sieve the mix several times which clear the particle and then no more particles left to block.

Now almost you spray is ready and after filling a five-liter jar with the mix.

Then close the jar and place it in the shade and after that next day pinch the small holes in the lid so that gas can escape.

And after that use one liter to mix add 20 liters of water to spray of half a hectare of maize.

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