How To Cut The Edges of The Lawn Quickly and Accurately?

How To Cut The Edges of The Lawn Quickly and Accurately?

If you have grass, you will surely know the complexity to maintain, well the cumbersome of cutting the edges as opposed to cutting the grass itself. # cut the edges of lawn grass

Next I am going to tell you a little about the steps that I follow, to cut the grass and the edges, of course.

The right way to mow the lawn

First of all, I think it is necessary to talk a little about how to mow the lawn, so I am going to leave you some tips or steps to do it correctly:

It must have a height of more than 5 cm, basically to let it proliferate and grow, that there are many that go crazy cutting and do not let it expand naturally.

A good recommendation is that it is not wet, this is basically, for several reasons, first because the grass is absorbing that water and you are going to cut the water absorption process of the plant. Another reason is because if the wet soil is there it can spoil the soil, inadvertently. And finally if you use an electric lawn mower, you can have a big problem, water and electricity don’t get along well.

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How to cut the edges of the lawn?

In general, you can do it manually or mechanically.

1.- Cut the edge manually

The most common tool used for that is a grass trimmer or directly any shears that allow you to cut the edges of the lawn.

2.- Cut the edge of the lawn mechanically

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The most normal thing is to use a brushcutter, do not worry about it. A simple and cheap enough for you. For me you can find the most comfortable option, if you do not have any here you can see some. By the way the brush cutter since you have it serves many other things, not only to cut edges, in the Garden you can use it to clean all the limits of your garden, cleaning of weeds, you can even use it to clean the garden from bad herbs and mulching it, I use it for quite a few tasks ..

What is the correct way to cut the edges?

How To Cut The Edges of The Lawn Quickly and Accurately?

Before you start cutting the edges, you must cut the grass, everything homogeneously and everything is correct as you well know, now you can start with the edges.

Before starting to cut, please make sure you have adequate protection, especially on the face, if you use a brush cutter, the most normal thing is for you to skip any pebbles or pieces of grass.

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Now it’s time to cut all the edges, cut everything around any furniture, tree or obstacle that contains the grass. With the brush cutter and a profiler accessory, it’s just what you need to give your lawn the perfect touch.

Why do I use a brush cutter?

For me, the most comfortable thing is to use a brush cutter to cut the edges, mainly for two reasons, the first is for time, I do not have a lot of grass, but also with a brush cutter it takes a few minutes, if it was done manually it would take a long time more, apart from the clear comfort. The second for quality of cut, the finish that gives a cut made with the brush cutter, you are not going to get it with a scissor, you will have everything perfect. If you look for such a garden tools other than bruscutter, you may straight forward with the best manual lawn edgers. That will also help a lot to maintain your green lawn this season.

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