How to control whitefly
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How to Control Whitefly

Whiteflies on a cotton plant. By Clint Thompson 8-24-18

Whitefly attack on various crops such as tomatoes, beans, cassava, cotton, cucurbits, potatoes, sweet potatoes. Whitefly also spread the virus disease in crops. It carry virus from one plant to another and cause whole crop with disease. In summar months it become serious pest in dry and warm conditions. # control whitefly //

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Whitefly’s Life

  1. In cold-winter climates, whiteflies are mostly greenhouse or indoor pests, but it also attacks on outdoor crops like cotton. And they can be found in the garden.
  2. In mild-winter climates with no winter cold to kill them.
  3. Whiteflies are serious outdoor pests.
  4. Southwest, pests such as the silverleaf whitefly have been among the most damaging to agriculture in recent years.
  5. Adult whiteflies hide and feed on the undersides of leaves.
  6. Whiteflies reproduce quickly
  7. Laying white eggs that hatch into white crawlers on the undersides of leaves.
  8. Whiteflies thrive in sunny, warm conditions.
  9. The crawlers and adult flies suck plant juices, weakening the plants.

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How to Control Whitefly:

  1. Check plants regularly.
  2. Hang yellow traps coated with a sticky substance close to the tops of plants.
  3. Avoid high-nitrogen fertilizers.
  4. Whiteflies are attracted to the color yellow, and once they land will be stuck and die.
  5. Hand-crush small populations of young aphids and whiteflies.
  6. Encourage natural enemies in the garden, such as ladybugs and lacewings, by planting diversity of plants and not spraying pesticides. 
  7. Use low-toxic sprays such as insecticidal soap, horticultural oil, and neem to reduce populations before they get out of hand.
  8. Repeat treatments every few days until the problem is under control.
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