How to control weeds in rice

How To Control Weeds in Rice

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What are Weeds?

Weed are unwanted or undesirable plant in crop field which effect on main plant growth. # weed control rice //


Weeds in Rice Field:

Most weeds dies under the water. Seed weeds can be found in the soil. Then they carried out from one place to another by wind and water. And that can be present rice seed. Weeds are most harmful for the first 6 weeks in the rice field.

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How to Control Weeds in Rice Field:

  1. Plowing kills, weeds, and buries weed seeds, so they cannot germinate.
  2. Flooding the field for two weeks kills most of the weeds, if the field is level and  completely flooded.
  3. You may plow twice and flood twice before sowing your rice.
  4. Weed seeds in the soil will not be able to germinate when under water.
  5. Keep irrigation canals and field edges clean from weeds.
  6. Some always use rice seed that is free from weed seeds.
  7. Quality seed also gives stronger plants that can better cope with weeds. Varieties that tiller well at an early stage suppress weeds more easily.
  8. Transplanting 2-week old seedlings gives rice a time advantage over weeds.
  9. If you do not have time to transplant, you can plant pre-germinated seeds. Put the rice seeds in water, remove the ones that float and leave them overnight.
  10. Drain them the next morning and let them germinate for about 2 days.
  11. More weeds will grow if there is too much space between rice plants.
  12. Lowland rice can be planted 15 to 20 centimetres apart.
  13. Weeding is easier if the rice is planted in lines.
  14. When direct sowing, weed for the first time after 3 weeks.
  15. Two to three weeks later, the weed a second time.
  16. With transplanted rice, you only need to weed once, when the rice plants start to tiller.
  17. The tillering stage is the best time to apply nitrogen.
  18. The field should be clean, so you do not fertilize the weeds.
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