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How to Control Mango Seed Weevil

Adult weevils of mango are found in dark brown to greyish black. They hide in the bark of mature mango trees, between fruiting seasons. And that seed weevils also cause premature fruit drop. Weevils damage the pulp so farmers end up selling fewer mango fruits, later in the season. These can no longer be used to produce seedlings, if mango seed weevils damage the seeds

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Mango seed weevils live:

  1. Weevils only feed on mangoes and can survive long periods without feeding.
  2. During flowering the adults leave their sheltered areas and move into the canopy of the tree to feed on new growth and to mate.
  3. Mango seed weevils start laying eggs when the fruit is about marble-size.
  4. Worms hatch from the eggs; they penetrate the fruit and eat their way to the seed where they continue feeding until they develop into adult weevils.
  5. Adult weevils leave the fruit stone and tunnel outwards through the flesh and skin of the fruit.
  6. Once the weevils have left the fruit, they search for a hiding place beneath loose bark of trees or in fallen leaves and dead wood under the trees.
  7. Adult weevils hardly fly.

How to control Mango Weevil:

  1. Check your mango trees as soon as they start flowering.
  2. Check them in the early morning when the weevils are most active.
  3. The best way to check if you have mango seed weevils is by using sticky bands, available in agrovet shops.
  4. Put a sticky band around the upper end of each trunk before it branches.
  5. Weevils that crawl up the trunk to lay their eggs in the fruit will be trapped by the glue.
  6. Encourage beneficial insects like the weaver ants which feed on adult weevils.
  7. Burn marigold and tithonia leaves in your orchard during the time they attack the young fruits.
  8. The smoke does not kill the insects but drives them away.
  9. Destroy dropped fruits and seeds within 3 weeks, else adult weevils will have emerged and hide.
  10. Prune your trees as soon as possible after harvest.
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