How Can Soil Solves Climate Change Problem

How Can Soil Solve Climatic Change Problem

Do You ever feel the aroma of earth during rainfall or maybe you feel when you take a handful of soil and close to your nose? If you did then you also enjoyed the aroma of earth. That is organic matter which you feel and it is part of carbon. That will help to deal with the climatic change situation.

Soil contains carbon through the plant, through photosynthesis plant take carbon from the atmosphere and when ever the plant die, and then that carbon returned to earth soil. According to the State of the Planet, that global soil contain more carbon than the world atmosphere and its about 2,500 gigatons of carbon in earth soil.

Storing More Carbon:

Storing more carbon in soil can be possible when we do planting. It will help to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and it also stores in soil through plant, when they die. It also helps to improve the structure of soil as well and release nutrients for plant growth.

How Soil Get Carbon Through Plant:

Plant take carbon dioxide from leaves which slowly travel from root to soil and it feed lot of living organisms of soil. We can save carbon in soil by planting, composting and also through applying other type of good agriculture practices.

Soil Ecosystem:

The global population will cross 9 billion by 2050 and that will increase demand of food as well as much greater demand on the world’s soil. By increasing demands of products, then we also have to maintain the soil ecosystem services. And that will become more important in coming years.

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This research includes estimated of soil lifespans, measure rate of soil formation and erosion. That gives an idea about how sustainable the world resources really are. And more information you can find in the research which is published in Soil Journals.

Soil Conservation:

These days we have a lot of toolkits to measure or check soil health. which helps to conserve the soil. Agriculture practices like planting crops, crop rotation, planting trees also helpful to conserve the world’s soil.

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