An Easy Guide For Beginners To Growing Tomato Plants

An Easy Guide For Beginners To Growing Tomato Plants


# Tomato guide It is a very important part of how to grow tomatoes at home, at first the tomato plant must be sown in a seedbed, in times of cold it should be sown in hot bed seedbeds, if this is your case I advise you to use this method since the tomato does not like the cold.

The seedbed must be protected, for the same as before the Tomato is a lover of the sun and if you plant it in mid-March, as is the case, it must be protected from the cold and the wind.

How to grow Tomatoes?

It is very simple, it is sown in a pots or small beds, that is, you have to spread the seeds as you like and later you have to do a plant carefully so that they develop properly.

Chopping and potting should be done when the plant reaches 15 cm or has developed 4 leaves. This step is done before transplanting them into the ground. So that the tomato plant takes root well and hardens. It is advisable that you protect the plants at night, I repeat it several times because I know that some night you will keep the plants outdoors without protection and if you are lucky (I had it) to have a freezing wind at night, it may be that give a good scare.

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How to grow tomatoes in the garden:

Once you have selected the tomato seeds you want to plant from the indeterminate category, it is time to put them in seedlings with substrate that I recommend to be organic or coconut. There are special trays that come prepared with holes to place the seeds directly, but if you prefer you can use small plastic containers.

How long does it take for the tomato to develop in the seedbed?


Once we see that they have taken root and the climate is favorable you can transplant it to the ground.

With the temperature you have to be careful, if your area is cold and you see that it freezes at night you can protect the plants with a plastic bottle in the way that you can see in the photo, this bottle can be removed when you see that it is already you have no risk of frost.

As you will have seen I have not said any approximate time between the growth and the transplant. It is because this depends on several factors, such as variety, temperature, etc.

That is why it is better to observe our plant, agriculture does not understand clocks. And it only follow the nature’s own way..



  1. It is sown between January and March
  2. If your area is cold, plant in a warm bed
  3. Sowing in a protected seedbed
  4. Once the plant has developed (4 leaves or 15cm or so), transplant it into pots
  5. Transplant from the pots to soil when the plant is well rooted
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Finally, »be patient

I hope this little guide helps you lot to grow tomato. In another occasion I will write about Sowing, How to Plant, How to grow, the usual Pests. And How to cook Tomatoes, all within the Beginner’s Guide to growing Tomatoes.

Thank you and I hope I have been useful to you. If you want to continue with the guide, check out vegetable gardening tips and tricks.


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