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Agriculture info

This category contain educational content about agriculture.  The Agriculture Info category contain facts related agriculture, Howto, plant guide, disease, etc.

Phutti/ Cotton Rates on Pakistan
Agriculture info

Today’s Cotton Seed Rates in Pakistan

Phutti : Saturday 25th of July 2020 Sindh <!-- # --> <!-- Date --> <!-- Commodity --> <!-- Province --> <!-- Symbol --> <!-- District --> Station Minimum Maximum Average <!-- 1 --> <!-- 25-Jul-2020 --> <!-- phutti --> <!-- Sindh --> <!-- CHJ --> <!-- District --> Chuhar Jamali 3,600.00 3,850.00 3,725.00 <!-- 2 [...]

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Agriculture Weather Forecast Pakistan

3 Days Weather Forecast Issue Date: 26 July, 2020 11:50 AM Province City Humidity Max Temp Sunday Monday Tuesday Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit 38% 37 °C 34-36 33-35 32-34 Gilgit-Baltistan Skardu 39% 34 °C 30-32 28-30 25-27 Gilgit-Baltistan Astore 59% 40 °C 28-30 27-29 24-26 Gilgit-Baltistan Hunza 60% 34 °C 26-28 27-29 27-29 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chitral 76% [...]

Agriculture info

English & Urdu Names of Vegetables & Fruits

English & Urdu Names of Vegetables & Fruits Fruits - پھل Apple *سیب* Blackberry *جامن* Almond *بادام* Apricot *خوبانی* Bokhara plum *آلوبخارا* Coconut *ناریل* Citron *چکوترا* Walnut *اخروٹ* Date *کھجور* Grapes *انگور* Groundnut *مونگ پھلی* Loquat *لوکاٹھ* Lemon *لیموں* Melon...

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10 Facts About Honeybees

Honeybees play a huge role in world's most important pollinator, as well as in Agriculture. It pollinate about 80% of the world's plants and they also give us honey It also including around hundred food crops.  There some important facts of...

Facts of wool
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8 Farm Facts About Wool

All 50 states across the nation produced Sheeps and, according to a 2016 study, over twenty five million pounds of wool are produced annually in the USA. sheep producers traditionally harvest wool during the months of spring.More than half of American-produced wool is shorn and sold during April,...

Black locust tree
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Top 14 Fun Facts of Black Locust Tree

Facts of Black Locust Tree: Robinia pseudoacacia is an invasive species! This means that when the black locust has been introduced to a new environment.It tends to compete with native species and take over in that environment.Since this species loves the sun,...

Companion Gardening
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21 Plant for Companion Gardening

Are you’re going to try out companion gardening or companion planting then you are at right place and try interplanting fruits and vegetables with flowers and herbs. Save in mind that specimens planted near each other should have different types...

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