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Phutti/ Cotton Rates on Pakistan
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Today’s Cotton Seed Rates in Pakistan

Phutti : Saturday 25th of July 2020 Sindh <!-- # --> <!-- Date --> <!-- Commodity --> <!-- Province --> <!-- Symbol --> <!-- District --> Station Minimum Maximum Average <!-- 1 --> <!-- 25-Jul-2020 --> <!-- phutti --> <!-- Sindh --> <!-- CHJ --> <!-- District --> Chuhar Jamali 3,600.00 3,850.00 3,725.00 <!-- 2 [...]

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Agriculture Weather Forecast Pakistan

3 Days Weather Forecast Issue Date: 26 July, 2020 11:50 AM Province City Humidity Max Temp Sunday Monday Tuesday Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit 38% 37 °C 34-36 33-35 32-34 Gilgit-Baltistan Skardu 39% 34 °C 30-32 28-30 25-27 Gilgit-Baltistan Astore 59% 40 °C 28-30 27-29 24-26 Gilgit-Baltistan Hunza 60% 34 °C 26-28 27-29 27-29 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chitral 76% [...]

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English & Urdu Names of Vegetables & Fruits

English & Urdu Names of Vegetables & Fruits Fruits - پھل Apple *سیب* Blackberry *جامن* Almond *بادام* Apricot *خوبانی* Bokhara plum *آلوبخارا* Coconut *ناریل* Citron *چکوترا* Walnut *اخروٹ* Date *کھجور* Grapes *انگور* Groundnut *مونگ پھلی* Loquat *لوکاٹھ* Lemon *لیموں* Melon...


Effective Management for Date Palm

The date palm is defenseless to several damaging pests and diseases.  # Management for Date Palm How to preventing pests and diseases 1. Reducing humidity in the groves helps prevent disease. 2. Trimming and weeding reduce humidity. 3. Trimming and...

How to Pick and Dry coffee

How to Pick and Dry Coffee

Around some farmers get low values for their coffee because it is unwell or poorly picked and not correctly dried and stored. So here you learn that How to Pick and Dry coffee Red coffee is ripe: 1. If you...

How to make compost from rice straw

How to Make Compost from Rice Straw

Many farmers not aware about the value of rice straw, it can be used for many things, but as we mention before that farmers not aware that’s why many farmers remove the straw from the field and see it as...

Insect Pest

Top 18 Photos of Locust Swarm 2020

Throughout the year, there are some # Top 18 Photos of Locust Swarm 2020 //. The locust swarm attacking in parts of. East Africa which have been suffering record-setting. Waves due. to swarm. Farmers have fear of the damage to...

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