AI Technology Modernizing Chinese Agriculture
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AI Technology Modernizing Chinese Agriculture


Do you know what is AI? It is artificial intelligence which is similar to human intelligence processes by a computer machine.


China has a huge demand for agricultural products, and they cultivate 135 million hectares land according to World Bank and National Bureau of statistics 2016.

The total population was 1.39 billion, whereas farmland quality rate is low, which directly effect on production of food and quality of agricultural products.


China developing new agricultural technologies every day, because of annual crop damage to 20,000 hectors, and 30 to 40 billion KG loss to grain production due to natural disaster. It motivates Chinese to develop technologies.

China use lot technologies in agriculture sector such as AI, big data, IoT, RS (remote sensing technology), GIS (geographic information systems), GPS, and 3S technology. These technologies accelerate the china’s agriculture.

comparison of China and World cultivated per person (Hectares/person)

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New Technology in Modern Farming

Cloud Farming:

It is like assistant for precision agriculture, we can also call it high-tech assistant. China use precision agriculture technique on small farmers as well as in large scale of farmers. There is a platform of geography named MAP (Modern Agriculture Platform). Which is developed by the largest agriculture input enterprise Sinochem. It is a group which work in China and there mission is “Technology for Better Agriculture”. This technology use for planting crops such as wheat, corn, and other crops. And this also helps to suggest and provide details about planting season, weather. And focused square kilometers accuracy and that also helps in sowing, spraying, watering, and harvesting. MAP is a smartphone app which also pest, disease warning. And provide details about humidity, temperature, and balance use fertilizer and pesticide.


Technical Services:

Technical services provided to farmers through a smartphone app which developed by the Agricultural Technology Center of Kailu government. It provides weather forecast, pest and disease diagnosis and remote observation, it also provides E-education about agriculture and animal husbandry. Through photos of pest and disease of crop, app helps to suggest. And it is also possible in smartphone App to make appointment with an expert. And farmers gets timely solution of their problems.

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Remote Sensing:

China uses AI technology to monitor and investigate the crops to improve health and reduce cost. Remote sensing was developed by studying between the hyper-spectral data of plant and high-grade satellite image. The machine classifies the methods to use for risk assessments and premium determination. The technique can also reduce the cost of insurance investigation.

China promotes smart agriculture by using and encouraging the development of 5G, AI technology, Drones . And IoT for betterment of agriculture sector to provide technical solutions to the farmers.

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