Top 10 Agriculture Business ideas

If you are farmer, agriculture professional and looking for job or business ideas about agriculture or if you are agriculture student looking for profitable business which relates to agriculture then you are at right place.

Through this article we will share you some business idea which are most profitable and related to agriculture and we also focus the local demands of that business.

Here is the list of top 10 most profitable business idea related agriculture field:

  1. Agriculture Farm:

Agriculture farm is the resource where you can produce product and you can sell them in local markets through this you can earn good amount money by investing very low on the business.

  • Flower Business:

Flower production is very high demanded in markets and its trend in today’s agriculture. You can grow different and unique varieties or those which have local demands.

  • Organic Farm:

There is very high demand of organic growing vegetables in local market as well as in international market and it is led to the growth of agriculture business. Food grown through use of chemical and fertilizer, that have many health risks. So, people preferred the organic growing.

  • Mashroom Farming:

By doing mashroom farming you can earn a good amount of money in a few weeks and it requires low amount of investments. You can do the mashroom framing by having little knowledge about mashroom farming.

  • Sunflower Farming:

Sunflower crop is also known as commercial cash crop, but to grow this crop it requires land and need small investment. You can earn good amount from oilseed of sunflower crop.

  • Export fruits & vegetables:
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You can do this by good communication by telephonic or through internet. Buy good quality fruits and vegetables from local market and export it.

  • Bees:

Bees demanded in international market and its only natural way to pollinate plants. Through beekeeping you can sell honey and other products; you can also sell bees to others and you can generate good amount of money.

  • Botanical Pesticide:

Its very high demand of botanical pesticide because it is necessary to grow organic crops whereas you can generate good amount money by selling botanical pesticide and you can also make it at home.

  • Fish Farming:

This business requires modern techniques and you do this any of the time of the year. And make money from fish farming.

  1. Flour Milling:

By developing your own brand or product is highly profitable in the business of flour milling.

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