Sustainable Agriculture

3 Reason Why Sustainable Farming is Important

Sustainable agriculture for preserving environment, natural resources of earth planet, life of humans and animals. Sustainable agriculture complete need of food and also met with need of textiles without any fear with the help of nature resources. Sustainable agriculture can maintain the soil quality and its beneficial for the environment and it also maintain the erosion problems of soil and its preserve water which is necessary for all living organisms of this earth planet. To maintain this sustainability, focus on certain criteria like creating healthy environment, and economic profitability. Now days modern industrial agriculture is producing huge amount of plant within harvest season of crop and its highly productive and profitable. Many agriculture problems like damages of pest and disease which can be solved with help of sustainable practices of agriculture.

We Enlist the three Reasons that why sustainable farming is important:

  • Monoculture:

Planting huge amount of single plant variety, species or breed in single growing season it knows as monoculture or we can define as industrial agriculture relies on prices it also known as monoculture. Through these practices of growing crop cause disease and that can spread very quickly from plant to plant and that can wipe out entire crop and cause food shortage and creates economic crisis.

  • Use of Land

When industrial agriculture uses huge space of land and grow single variety or specie of plant or crop, and it also make favorable environment for pest and disease which can wipe out entire crop. This is the wasting land space and that technique of industrial agriculture is destroying the landscape.

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Growing several crop on a single plot of land and where some are tall, shorter, shade loving plant and it promotes sustainable farming and these types of practices produce more food.

  • Pollution

Use of fertilizer in industrial crop can create pollution in water which lead to ruin the natural environment and somewhere fertilizer encourage the plant growth but it also pollutes the environment. Waste of industrial animals also polluting the water with methane gas and its very harmful to earth environment.

Whereas sustainable agriculture use crop rotation which solve the issue pollution and it also use natural fertilizer and minimize the animals on farm and it still create little pollution, but not more than industrial agriculture.

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